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About me
How did I get here
What inspires me

Engaging performances

Dynamic body mechanics

Creature animation

Proficiency in Maya

Traditional drawing and painting


Cassandra Sigouin is a professional animator with a passion for character animation. From the age of four, Cassandra knew she wanted to pursue a career in animation and has been doing just that ever since. With her strong character animation, Cassandra has been able to bring characters to life and tell engaging stories through the art of animation.

On her portfolio website, Cassandra showcases her animation work and offers potential clients the chance to view a selection of her best work. Her portfolio website is regularly updated with her new projects, so be sure to check it out.

Projects I've worked on

Confection Purrfection with the SuperKitties at Disneyland

Barbie and Stacie to the Rescue

Barbie Interactive: Epic Road Trip

Skipper and the Big Babysitting Adventure 

Barbie Mermaid Power

Brooklyn Life in the City Web Series

Barbie It Takes Two Series

Team Zenko Go

Barbie Big City Big Dreams

Trash and Bash Mobile Game

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